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East Coast ComiCon 2015!

Alexandra Forever Comics east coast comicon

The trip to Secaucus New Jersey was great! If you love comics, and have become disintereted in conventions because of the focus on celebrities from television and film, this con is for you. It's wall-to-wall comics vendors and creators and a vibrant artist's alley.

We had a boxfull of free giveaway comics, the first 22 pages or so of the story. They were almost all gone by the end of the day on Saturday! I hope everyone liked them! For one little girl, it was her first autographed comic!

I got to meet one of my childhood heroes, Art Adams, which was very exciting, got a couple books signed and bought a print. And returned to his table numerous other times. I'm sure he thinks I'm stalking him now.

Jim Steranko is everything his reputation lives up to be, but what you don't hear about is how friendly and warm he is. Great conversation with the comics legend.

I also was lucky to have a long conversation with Steve Rude at dinner, who was nice enough to talk to me while Steranko waited.

Anyway, lots happened, met lots of great people like Brian from Robot Paper (buy his book Henchmen!) whom we shared a table with and who is a far better mover and shaker than I. Henchmen #1 is SOLD OUT, folks! We had great neighbors too, like Bob Stevenson's Comics and Fanzines, who had some great stuff, and Marks' Discount T-shirts. It's always nice to have good neignbors at cons.

Sadly, one of the creators I met at the con, Herb Trimpe, passed away the Monday following the con. I spent some time at his table watching him draw a commission as I waited to have a book signed. He didn't appear to be anything but in perfect health. Herb is known to us comic geeks for his Marvel comics work from the 60's to the 80's, but he had a wonderful life after comics as well teaching art and for his work as a chaplain in NY after 9/11.

Photos by Donald Lanouette

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