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Comic books in the Heartland

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From the Alexandra Forever Graphic Novel (Comic Book)

One thing that stood out to me in the month of October was the number of comic book related articles which weren’t coming from the usual sources like or Media outlets with mastheads involving the name ‘Herald’ seemed predominant.

I take it as a telling sign that comic book culture has hit the mainstream. I particularly love to see press far from the usual comic book hot spots reporting on pop culture events. I love local press. Whether it’s Herald and News article on the comic con being held in the Klamath County Library in Oregon or, as reported in the Bradenton Herald, the Mana-Con being held in the Manatee Library in Bradenton, Florida, it represents a shift in acceptance.

The fact that these events are being held in venues such as the public library is certainly telltale of this, but that community media outlets believe they merit being reported on is, in my opinion, passing the litmus test of normalcy for heartland America.


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