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East Coast Comicon 2016!

Much like last year, East Coast Comicon was a blast. Met some old friends and made some new ones. If you love comics, Cliff Galbraith puts on one heck of a show, folks.

There was even a contingent of Ottawa people as Ron Sutton, Janet Heatherington, Geof Isherwood and his wife were also there! Party bus 2017, anyone?

Artist Alley

The very funny (and snacking) Paul Kupperberg and Carl Potts. Check out Carl's awesome book on creating comics and Paul's blog. About one second after this photo was taken, Paul was kind enough to share what he was eating for the camera.

Andrew was supercool and I think Alexandra Forever artist Steve Legge and Andrew's mothers are both named Martha. MARCH Book 2 was just nominated for TWO Eisner awards! "March" is one of the best comics you're ever going to read, so make sure to check it out! Book 3 comes out later this summer.

One of our favorite cosplayers with our friend Don McGregor and Black Panther artist Rich Buckler! (link nsfw. he's an artist, folks!)

One of the very few celebrity guests, the great Nichelle Nichols. Sam Jones aka Flash Gordon was also there and super friendly, although its hard to hear what he says when you have the Flash Gordon theme song running through your head whenever you see the guy!

 Flash! Ahh-aaaaahh!

One of our favorite people, Michael Golden. He got a laugh when he was shown his cameo in Alexandra Forever.

Rocket Girl's Brandon Montclaire and Amy Reeder. Steve awkwardly put Alexandra in their hands trying to suggest, "Hey you do a sci-fi comic with a female lead, so did I!". But only gobbledygook came out of his mouth. They looked at it anyway. Comics people are good people!

Also check out their new Devil Dinosaur book!

If you don't know who Bob McLeod is, you're a big fat jerk! Bob was nice enough to take a look at Alexandra while doing commissions at his table. Thanks, Bob!

Before leaving on Sunday, Alexandra Forever artist Steve Legge had a photo taken with Steve "the Dude" Rude, with whom he's been working with colouring the fantastic Nexus Newspaper Strip. Check it out!! Also, we're pretty sure the Nexus Newspaper has the tallest art team in comics!

Another great East Coast Comicon in the books, we hope to be back next year!

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