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August 2021

Sci-Fi Café 

Events for the month

The August giveaway mentioned in last month's newsletter is here! 

In celebration of the latest release,  "Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book Four: Canary", all Kindle books in the series will be FREE, from August 1st to 5th! Click on the image or link below to be taken to Amazon.

If you are enjoying the series, please share this promotion with a friend. Your support of the Alexandra Forever Project is always appreciated.

Get your copies HERE
Share this promotion with a friend!

Upcoming Events
SEPTEMBER: The recording of the podcast episodes for "Alexandra Forever: Galactic Marshal" is going well so far. The plan is to have a trailer uploaded by early September. The podcast is closely based on the Alexandra Forever 2291 novella series. If you've enjoyed the first audiobook you should consider tuning in.  

OCTOBER: Podcast launch! A sci-fi dramedy based on the Alexandra Forever 2291 novella series (available on Kindle). "Dune" meets "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" in this high action, frequently humorous, sci-fi adventure. The podcast begins October 5th. Catch the podcast HERE.

DECEMBER: The release of the fifth novella in the series, "Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book Five: The Catamore Paradox", will happen in the first week of December 2021.
Curated Sci-fi Articles 

You need to watch the most underrated sci-fi epic on Netflix before it leaves next week (
"In 2015, the Wachowskis swung for something big, ambitious, and original. JUPITER ASCENDING, a very strange sci-fi epic adventure romance, isn’t just the kind of movie you won’t see at the theatrical level anymore. It’s also the movie you need to stream before it leaves Netflix on JULY 31."
I enjoyed the film. It is flawed and a little clunky, but it is also fun, epic madness. ~ D.W. Richards 😉

Foundation: David S. Goyer Discusses Approach to Asimov’s Sci-Fi Epic (
Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels are probably the most influential Science Fiction novels of all time. Influenced by Edward Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Asimov's books imagined the lifespan and survival of a galactic civilization. Without Foundation, we might not have had Dune, Star Trek, or Star Wars. To read Foundation as a teenager is to feel adult and clever.
It's true, I did feel adult and clever when I read Foundation as a teenager. ~ D.W. Richards
Alexandra Forever Team:
Editor: Vicky Bell
Sound engineer: Stephen Hull 
Voice actress, audiobooks: Marilyn Busch
Cover design: Mahbub Alam
E-book layout: Aslam Kha

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