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Cost: Graphic Novel vs Motion Graphic

Production costs for both graphic novels and motion graphic animation vary in the marketplace. However, what I did find was that there was more variance within each medium than between the two.

The result is that I am able to produce a motion-graphic episodic series that will run roughly 140 minutes for very close to the same cost as producing a 140-page full-colour graphic novel. (Given that a page of scripted dialogue equals a minute of film runtime the two are directly comparable.)

The caveat is that there is extra cost related to voice actors and musical scores, which, if you play your cards right, isn’t that much extra especially when compared to the overarching large expense of the animation itself.

In the end, I believe it will be worth it. Videos with decent production value, when uploaded to platforms such as YouTube and Vidme, are bound to get more immediate exposure than any graphic novel I could release ever would.

The A4EProject video channels began in fits-and-starts and in many ways are still in the fits-and-starts phase. However, we did manage to put together some beta testing in the form of a 5 part interview ( Playlist: which represented a sort of soft launch for the channels and provides any future viewers of the eventual series with some backstory that, while not essential, might nevertheless be of interest.

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