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December 2021

Sci-Fi Café 
-----------Monthly Newsletter----------

Events for the month


Free online comic book audiobook! 
 We're on YouTube! Episode one from season one of the podcast has been turned into an online comic book. You can watch the video HERE.

In the description of the video there is a link to a 100% free colouring book created from selected parts of scenes within the black and white ink panels used in the comic book. For those of you who do not know, inking is the process just before colouring. Images from panels were enlarged to make colouring a more enjoyable experience for you. There is no gimmick to this bonus. The link in the description of the video is to a Dropbox download. If you appreciate the gesture, perhaps, share, like, comment, subscribe and watch the video 1000 times. 😉 We are grateful for your support!

Back in early November I had the privilege of being interviewed by Crystal Renee on her 90 Day Podcast. In the interview we discuss the titular character Alexandra, her origins and current projects including the "Alexandra Forever: Galactic Marshal" podcast.

Newsletter hiatus
This is the last full monthly newsletter until September 2022, in time for season two of the podcast. In the meantime, if there are exciting or time sensitive news items I feel you might be interested in, I will send out a quick advisory note.  

The December ebook giveaway
Amazon has made it a little challenging to do a giveaway for all of the Alexandra Forever 2291 novellas during the first week of December. I believe it has been sorted out, but I'm not sure. If you find that not all the books are free immediately on December 1st, I suggest returning in a day or two to try again. 

Perma-free ebook and audiobook
In related news, I have removed the series from KDP Select. Belonging seems to be more of an impedance than a help in getting my work in the hands of interested readers. I'm going to carry my novellas on my own website. Both the audiobook and epub of "Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book One: The Strange Matter of the Red Dwarf" will remain free. This is not something I could have done on Amazon without gaming the system.

Podcast Episodes for December 2021 to January 2022
If you like the series, a review on your podcast directory of choice would be greatly appreciated. 
★Episode Ten: Tuesday, December 7th: 
An unspeakable evil is released from the  bowels of the university on One Kick when there is a containment breach in Dr. Rising's laboratory. Alexandra and Rupert storm the pirate town.

★Episode  Eleven: Tuesday, December 14th:
Alexandra and Cole-One enter the university to rescue the harvest clones and must contend  with the demonic horde that has broken free from the basement confines. Alexandra becomes concerned for the Ruperts. 

★Episode Twelve: Tuesday, December 21st:
Singing ice provides the eerie soundtrack on Sail Stone as Dr. Rising's chilling plans begin to unfold with lethal consequence. To calm down the clones, Alexandra tells them that the intra-dimensional ship is magical.

★Episode Thirteen: Tuesday, December 28th:
Jane is left to watch over the clones as Alexandra and Fiddlehead march off to cross the threshold of the multiverse and engage Leviathan ~ which leads to a discussion about courteous signage.

★Season Finale: Tuesday, January 4th:
Dr. Rising, Lisa and Fiddlehead are gathered in the engine room of the Invictus as the battle between the Goddess and the demon of Hell's Gate rages toward its explosive conclusion.
December ebook giveaway!
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FREE from December 1st to 5th
Curated Sci-fi Articles 

New digital magazine focuses on hopeful science fiction
"“Demand utopia!” That’s the tagline for a new digital magazine based in Eugene, Oregon. Solarpunk Magazine will focus on optimistic ideas about the future." ~ D.W. Richards: I've got admit that I really like this idea. Dark and gritty is getting to be a bit overdone for me. 

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