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June 2021

 June Happenings

Audiobook #2, "Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book Two: She Clearly Has a Plan" is now ready!

Contest Update:
I was hoping to announce the winner of the May contest. I was happy to see that there were many entrants. A winner was selected, contacted by email and given 36 hours to reply with a mailing address to where the prize could be sent. Unfortunately, there was no reply. This lack of response occurred a total of four times with four randomly selected subscribers.

Good news for you. This leaves me without a winner. I have run a few contest giveaways and I have never had that happen before. I hope those four individuals are okay. These are strange times.

The result is that May's prize is still up for grabs. If you are interested in the prize:

  1. Send an email to
  2. In the subject of the email put the name of the lieutenant who Bronson Rice selects for the mission. (The answer is in "Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book One: The Strange Matter of the Red Dwarf")
  3. Be the first to send me that email.
  4. If you are selected you will need to provide me with a mailing address to send the tumbler to. If you wish, you can put your mailing address in the body of your entry email. It is completely up to you.
Specifications of the prize are: here
Terms of the contest are: here

Good Luck!
Upcoming Events
JULY: Just a reminder that in July, I will be running a public (not restricted to subscribers) giveaway using Kingsumo. The prize will be paperback copies of a classic sci-fi series. You are welcome to participate. A link to the giveaway contest will be provided to you.

AUGUST: The fourth novella in the Alexandra Forever 2291 series, "Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book Four: Canary", will be released on Amazon KDP. For the first 5 days of August the Kindle version of all four novellas will be available for FREE!

SEPTEMBER: We will return with another subscriber exclusive giveaway! I'll gauge the response to assess whether or not subscriber exclusive giveaways are something desired by the Alexandra Forever community. The public contest giveaways will continue and I will always provide the link to subscribers.

OCTOBER: Season One of the sci-fi podcast radio play, based on the novella series, begins. The season will run for 14 weekly episodes and will be available on the major hosting directories. I'm currently looking at Buzzsprout as the hosting platform. 

Curation Of Sci-fi Links That Interested Me
State of Art: Forget your troubles with this sci-fi comedy from Anchorage Community Theater - Alaska Public Media
As a warning, the site is not secure. I do not understand why sites like this don't get a SSL certificate. Anyway, I was drawn to this for two reasons. First, it's a sci-fi comedy having fun with the genre, which Alexandra Forever also does. Second, it is a play. I have ambitions of turning the stand alone novella "Alexandra Forever: Beginnings" into a theatre (as opposed to radio) play.

"Dune" movie release update news
There is a lot of confusion around the "Dune" release at the moment. "Quinn's Ideas" is a "Dune" obsessed YouTube channel that provides analysis of the lore as well updates on such things as the movie release. In this video some light is shed on the current rumour mill.

Law, Artificial Intelligence, And Science Fiction: Reflections on Implications of “Upload” on Copyright, Contract, and Human Rights Law - JURIST - Commentary - Legal News & Commentary
The Alexandra Forever Team.
Great group! I have nothing but high praises for all of them. 
Editor: Vicky Bell
Sound engineer: Stephen Hull 
Voice actress: Marilyn Busch
Cover design: Mahbub Alam
E-book layout: Aslam Khan

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