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May 2021

A subscriber exclusive contest will take place from NOW until May 23rd 2021 EST!

Just by clicking the contest links below you will be entered for your chance to win. Each unique 'Contest Link' you click gives you another entry. Maximum of three entries. That is all you need to do to enter.

The contest runs from now until midnight May 23rd 2021 EST. The winner will be announced in the June newsletter. Please refer to the Contest Terms below.

Each link will take you to the Amazon review pages for one of the three novellas currently published, but completing a review is not a requirement to be entered into the contest.

I thank you in advance. I will definitely read every review that is posted. It takes a lot of time and effort, from a small team, to put together the novellas and audiobook. I look forward to reading feedback from those who acquired some or all of the books, either through promotional giveaway or purchase. A sentence or two is more than sufficient and would be greatly appreciated.

Contest Terms


Contest Link One

Contest Link Two

Contest Link Three


The Prize: A $33.00 CDN value. 

Since the prize is a physical product, a condition of winning will be for the winner to provide me with a delivery address. Please refer to the Contest Terms above.


In other news:

I had a trailer put together for audiobook one. The video is loaded on YouTube and set to unlisted because I'm actually pulling the feed into my author website and the Alexandra Forever store.  When you have a moment, I invite you to take a look: YouTube Audiobook Trailer . Zeni Febo put it together. All I provided her with was an opening snippet of audiobook one and the thumbnail. I really like the way it turned out.

The next audiobook, "Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book Two: She Clearly Has a Plan", is expected to be released in June. Fingers crossed.  As mentioned in April, the voice actress, Marilyn Busch, will be reprising her role as everyone.  Stephen Hull will be the sound engineer once again.

 A publicly promoted contest is slated for July. The contest winner will receive six classic sci-fi novels. The more referrals you do the better your chances of winning. The link will be emailed to you and you are very welcome to participate and super-duper welcome to share. 😉

The fourth novella, "Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book Four: Canary", will be launched on Kindle in August. As occurred in April, the series will be made available for free for the first 5 days of the month. Interestingly, in the case of the April offering, Amazon left the books free for 8 days. I didn't mind.

 The podcast is moving forward. The launch is estimated to be late September to early October. I'm currently working on the scripts and my book editor, Vicky Bell, is doing the copyedit. The scripts will likely also be converted to show transcripts for the podcast. Thanks to fiverr, I also now have the podcast logo. I worked with the same fellow, Mahbub Alam, who does my book covers. 


Stay safe.




The Alexandra Forever Team.

Great group! I have nothing but high praises for all them.


Editor: Vicky Bell

Sound engineer: Stephen Hull

Voice actress: Marilyn Busch

Cover design: Mahbub Alam

E-book layout: Aslam Khan

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