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November 2021

Sci-Fi Café 
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Events for the month

October's listener giveaway contest winner is Richard Turner from Beamsville, Ontario, Canada. His review is below. Congratulations to Richard! His Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging pad are on their way. 

Podcast Episodes for November 2021
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★Episode Five: Tuesday, November 2nd:   Early Access
The living goddess, Alexandra, turns the Jader frigate into a hurt locker while on a photoshoot. Dr. Rising persists with her unsettling psychological warfare on her captors.
★Episode  Six: Tuesday, November 9th:  Early Access
Dr. Rising explains to the Jader why their physics lab is a pincushion of wormholes into other universes and how they can profit. Jane learns about the end of the universe at a barbeque.
★Episode Seven: Tuesday, November 16th Early Access
While the ladies are en route to retrieve the Invictus, Fiddlehead becomes very distraught that she could be the de facto voice of reason. Dr. Rising lays a trap for the Condor.

★Episode Eight: Tuesday, November 23rd
Dr. Rising explains to Lisa the curious revelation that has come as a consequence of the Mandela Effect. Alexandra, Jane and Fiddlehead discover they are not alone. Death literally rains from the sky.

★Episode Nine: Tuesday, November 30th
Alexandra and Fiddlehead receive some bad news during Fiddlehead's first gathering. Ezera and Lisa make their clandestine meeting with the BGO where they are interrogated by a human explosive.
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Upcoming Events

DECEMBER: Book giveaway 📚
Launch of the fifth novella in the series is happening early in the month. The action continues in this latest update to the saga, but there are also some interesting revelations. All of the Alexandra Forever 2291 novellas will be available for free on KDP for the first five days of the month. Your support through leaving a review on Amazon is greatly appreciated.

In podcast news, the series continues with new episodes every Tuesday. 

WINTER 2022: Free graphic novel 
The Alexandra Forever: Galactic Marshal full colour, graphic novel series is in the works! Steven Legge, the artist who worked on Alexandra Forever 2337, has returned for the project!

The release of this graphic novel will be a little different, as it will be on YouTube, incorporating voice actors speaking the dialogue in place of speech bubbles!
Early inks from the "Alexandra Forever" online graphic novel series. 
Curated Sci-fi Articles 

Metaverse Not The Only One, At Least 16 Sci-Fi Concepts Became A Reality. Check Them Out
"Metaverse, the latest trend in the field of technology, was referenced in a novel years ago. Here is a list of 16 inventions that were predicted in movies and books, long before they became a reality." D.W. Richards: The metaverse is a space that brings together virtual and augmented reality in which Facebook and Microsoft are heavily invested and is the inspiration for the linked article.

When Will Force Shields Be Real?
"You could surround yourself with graphene—an arrangement of carbon atoms in a hexagonal lattice that is only one atom thick (so 97% of the light passes through it), yet is stronger than steel."

The first Personal eVTOL Aircraft that you can actually Buy, Jetson ONE
Jetson ONE is an ultralight and extremely fun to fly recreational all-electric personal vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. ~ D.W. Richards: I included this because it is just so futuristically cool!

If you would like to help support the podcast, please check out  the "Alexandra Forever Galactic Marshal" merchandise.

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