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October 2021

Sci-Fi Café 

Events for the month

Podcast Listener Giveaway Contest October 5th to 19th: In an homage to radio plays of yesteryear, we are launching a limited series starting October 5th. In celebration, the new podcast is premiering with a giveaway. Up for grabs is a Bluetooth personal speaker. See below for details.

Equipped with Bluetooth version 4.2, a 33ft connection range, and a 3W output, this Aluminum-bodied, personalized Bluetooth speaker delivers crystal clear sound anywhere you go. Connect any Android/ iOS phone (including iPhone X) and listen at max volumes for over 2 hours. 
How To Enter
Subscribe to Alexandra Forever: Galactic Marshal on your favorite  directory such as Apple Podcast and leave a review. Make a copy of your review.

Then, send an email to
  1. In the subject put #myreview.
  2. In the body of the your email, paste your review.

It's that easy!
Contest TERMS.

Podcast Episodes for October 2021
If you like the series, a review on your podcast directory of choice would be greatly appreciated. 
★Episode One: Tuesday, October 5th:   Early Access
A red dwarf star system punches through the fabric of space-time into our universe carrying the long-lost ship, Invictus. Is the star system actually a probe? 
★Episode Two: Tuesday, October 12th:  Early Access
Alexandra rescues a suspicious and sanity challenged priestess to be. Bronson and Jane are shown a video of the nightmarish images being transmitted from the Invictus.

★Episode Three: Tuesday, October 19th
Fiddlehead is uncertain as to whether or not she is being abducted into a cult by a homicidal maniac, but tags along anyway. Bronson and Jane delve into the mythology of the Goddess.

★Episode Four: Tuesday, October 26th
Fiddlehead questions the hefty cost to her for joining the coven and comes to learn just how bad the Jader want her back. Bronson and Jane reroute to Alexandra's home world, Grande Dame.
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Upcoming Events

Cover reveal for the upcoming fifth novella in the series!

The podcast continues with five new episodes. If you are enjoying the show, a review on your podcast directory of choice would be greatly appreciated. 

Launch of the fifth novella is happening in the first week. The action continues in this latest update to the saga but there are also some interesting revelations. All of the Alexandra Forever 2291 novellas will be available for free on KDP for the first five days of the month. Your support through leaving a review on Amazon is greatly appreciated.

In podcast news, the series continues with new episodes every Tuesday. 
Curated Sci-fi Articles 

Somers High School Grad Self-Publishes Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel
"During the pandemic, Michael Nyikos, a Somers Senior High School graduate and current junior at Union College in Schenectady, wrote and self-published a sci-fi fantasy novel, The Colson Legend: Ice Queen. "  ~ D.W. Richards: I'm always up for putting the spotlight on other indie creators!

Let science fiction be weird again
"Once the genre where anything could happen, science fiction now tends to the high budget, high technique, and infinitesimally low risk. The result has all the defects of the genre, including flat characterization and absurd dialogue, with few of the rewards." ~ D.W. Richards: Just, yes. (Except, I write awesome dialogue. 🙃)

Foundation: The 'unfilmable' sci-fi epic now on our screens
Goyer has said he hopes the saga can unfold over 80 episodes and several commentators have mentioned Foundation in the context of the race to find the new Game of Thrones, a similarly complicated, sprawling story that ended up running to 73 episodes. "I did pitch eight seasons to Apple," says Goyer. "I know the end point, I know what we're writing towards.  ~ D.W. Richards: It's already better than GOT because  Dunning–Kruger showrunners won't be writing the ending.  

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