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September 2021

Sci-Fi Café 

Events for the month

 🎙️ The podcast trailer is out! 🎧
Alexandra Forever: Galactic Marshal

To listen, click below on the logo of your preferred podcast directory.  Alternatively, select the Alexandra Forever logo to be taken directly to the Buzzsprout website where the podcast is hosted.

There will be 14 episodes in the first season, which will come out every Tuesday starting October 5th, 2021.

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Meet The Cast: HERE

Upcoming Events
OCTOBER: Contest for podcast listeners running Oct 5th to Oct 19th. Enter to win a personalized Bluetooth speaker. A $65.00 value! Details will be in the October newsletter.

DECEMBER: Release of the 5th novella in the series, "Catamore Paradox", will take place during the first week of December. As with previous book launches, the series will be FREE on Amazon for 5 days!
Curated Sci-fi Articles 

Fantasy writer mines modern Malaysia’s cultural complexity | Arts and Culture News | Al Jazeera
“Zen Cho is something of a rarity – a marvellous teller of stories who manages to combine an understanding of Southeast Asian culture and language – Malaysia particularly – with an appreciation of the modern 21st-century concerns of science fiction and fantasy.” ~ D.W. Richards: Now on my TBR. 📚

You need to watch the most kick-ass sci-fi movie on Amazon Prime ASAP (
"Alien invasions come in all shapes and sizes, but it takes a special movie to pull off a thrilling sci-fi story while focusing enough on character work and intelligent storytelling to offer star-making roles to its actors. 2011’s Attack the Block, written and directed by Joe Cornish, is such a film."  ~ D.W. Richards: The film where I first saw John Boyega. I was impressed by what the movie achieved on a restrained budget. 🎞️
Alexandra Forever Team:
Editor: Vicky Bell
Sound engineer: Stephen Hull 
Voice actress, audiobooks: Marilyn Busch
Cover design: Mahbub Alam
E-book layout: Aslam Khan
Podcast Actors: The Cast

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