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Stan’s Jeep Warriors (A comic industry parable)

Bob awoke to a bright and sunny morning the day he had scheduled for himself to go shopping for a new Jeep. He loved his old Jeep. It had been both a workhorse and a simple pleasure to strip-down and drive on the open road. But its time had come. Bob, like many Jeep owners, was extremely loyal to the brand. And, as with many Jeep owners, his social life partially revolved around ownership. He’d give a wave to other Jeep owners when he passed them on the highway and he belonged to an off-road club that would take excursions to places that only a Jeep could traverse.

On that bright and sunny morning, he returned to the dealership where he had purchased his current Jeep many years before, Stan’s Jeep Warriors. He was intent on making a purchase. Bob sat with the salesperson who explained the merits of the Jeep brand and the workings of vehicle as he’d never heard of it let alone driven one for years.

The two chatted for a bit more until finally the salesperson got a set of keys. Bob was very excited. He was taken out to the lot and brought to a shinny, hunter green, two-door, Wrangler. The salesperson unlocked the door and then handed Bob the keys.

Bob slid behind the steering wheel and turned over the ignition. The powerful motor came to life but, almost immediately, so did the radio. Music was blaring into the cab. Bob frantically searched the radio’s controls for the off switch but he couldn’t find it.

“Where’s the radio’s off switch?” Bob shouted to the salesperson.

“There’s isn’t one,” the salesperson cheerfully yelled.

“How about volume control?”


Bob turned off the ignition and there was silence.

“That is the stupidest thing ever,” he said.

The salesperson smiled with a smarmy grin at Bob. “Sir, Jeeps have always had radios.”


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