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GOING POSTAL — Alexandra Forever

Sci-fi versus Space Opera: Alexandra Forever

Alexandra Forever Comic Books Comics digital comics Graphic Novels indie comics Superhero supervillian takebacksuperhero

Admittedly I came to this blog post with a preconceived notion of sci-fi. The gist of which is that sci-fi is reliant on extrapolated scientific theories to tell the story. Even if it’s really bad speculative science it is science that is the catalyst for the fiction. Space opera, once considered a pejorative term (and maybe still is in some circles), is a sub genre of sci-fi. While taking place in space, it does not heavily rely on speculative science. Meaning, the story could be told without reference to, or use of, science.     The distinction in application is...

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Alexandra Forever: Comic Books versus Graphic Novels

Alexandra Forever Comic Books Comics digital comics Graphic Novels indie comics Superhero takebacksuperhero

This post is not about the respective definitions of comic books versus graphic novels but rather the perception of the two by the reading public. I wouldn’t rate it as a hot topic, but it is an interesting one and it pops up from time-to-time. Do graphic novels have a literary clout that comic books do not? There is the now infamous story of Neil Gaiman who, while attending a dinner party not long after the release of “Sandman,” happened to mention to a fellow guest that he wrote comics resulting in the individual politely attempting to extricate themselves from...

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East Coast ComiCon 2015!

Alexandra Forever Comics east coast comicon

The trip to Secaucus New Jersey was great! If you love comics, and have become disintereted in conventions because of the focus on celebrities from television and film, this con is for you. It's wall-to-wall comics vendors and creators and a vibrant artist's alley. We had a boxfull of free giveaway comics, the first 22 pages or so of the story. They were almost all gone by the end of the day on Saturday! I hope everyone liked them! For one little girl, it was her first autographed comic! I got to meet one of my childhood heroes, Art Adams,...

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Alexandra Interview #1

Alexandra Forever Comics

Straight from the interstellar space, the Neptune Broadcasting Company presents the first in a series of interviews with the Demigoddess Alexandra from renowned journalist Katherine Boone.

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