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April 2021

"Alexandra Forever 2291 Book Three - Showdown at Big Sky" Book launch April 2021. 

It can take up to 72 hours for a book to become available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited after uploading, therefore this will be taking place near the end of March to ensure that it is ready for the April launch. The book will be free to purchase for the first 5 days of the month. Five days is all the time that Amazon permits.

If you are interested in getting your copy of book three, it should appear on my Amazon author about page, here, after it is uploaded. 

 Alexandra Forever - 2291 Book Three: Showdown at Big Sky

In other news:

Production of the audiobook for book two is underway. The voice actress, Marilyn Busch, will be reprising her role as everyone. Hopefully, the process runs a little smoother this time and it takes less than 7 months. (Through no fault of Marilyn.) Stephen Hull, who came to the rescue for book one, will be the sound engineer once again.

Should you be interested, all of the pencil drawings done by Priestess Nanette are available for free download from the Alexandra Forever website: Go to "Shop" >>> "Browse by" >>> "FREE". There are two stretched on canvas versions which are for sale. Stretched Canvas: Alexandra Forever 2291 - Book One

Other merchandise on the site incorporates images from the graphic novel "Alexandra Forever: Earth Date 2337". Your patronage is always appreciated. 

A spring giveaway is still very much a possibility. I just need to sort out if its going to be in May or June. The prize will be classic sci-fi novels. If and when the giveaway gets up and running I will send out the link so that you have the option of entering. 

Plans for turning the novella series into a podcast radio play are in the early stages. Each novella translates into roughly 4 x 20 minute episodes, give or take. This is exciting for me as I like to work with other artists (I'll label myself that for the sake of this newsletter) and lends itself to my longer term ambition of turning "Alexandra Forever: Beginnings" into a stage play.

 Stay safe.




 The Alexandra Forever Team.
Great group! I have nothing but high praises for all them. 

Editor: Vicky Bell

Sound engineer: Stephen Hull

Voice actress: Marilyn Busch

Cover design: Mahbub Alam

E-book layout: Aslam Khan


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