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The great promise of the website Upwork

Alexandra Forever Comics digital comics Motion Graphic

Near the end of July (2018) I parted ways with the company (a team of two) I had been working with, on-and-off, since 2008. My mistake had been letting a business relationship develop into friendship.

The last 4 years of our decade together had become more intertwined with the advent of the A4E Project. What had been historically singular task based  became a much broader array of deliverables. That change, I believe, was my misstep. 

I had originally hired the team onto the A4E Project to provide the layout, artwork and design for a 144 page graphic novel. Whereas, all their previous work for me had consisted of the likes of putting together a book cover.

While keeping within the cost budget, milestones were constantly missed resulting in final delivery having been pushed back a year. Admittedly, the final product was good, but, underscore, it was one year late.

Our friendship as well as (I had convinced myself) their ability to deliver a marketable product at a reasonable cost, prompted me to try working with them again. This time for a motion graphic series. I had begun writing episodic scripts in the fall of 2016 and by the spring of 2017 I had completed the first seven episodes and I was ready to have them animated.

Unfortunately where the novel had stretched them greatly, the series broke them.They were in over their heads and either weren't aware of that fact or wouldn't concede it. 

In short order, the per episode cost tripled and continued from there to spiral upward. The end result was that the original estimate for seven 20 minute motion graphic episodes became the cost for one 2 - 3 minute trailer.   

Out of pocket thousands of dollars, and with nothing usable to show for it, I severed the relationship.

It was in looking for a new team that I came upon the website Upwork. I'm very happy that I did. I setup an account and I put the details of project out to tender. In less than one hour I had twelve very reasonable bids. I chose that day. My fingers are crossed but initial progress is very promising! 

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