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Writing Update

A few years ago, a small publisher, in Colorado I believe, was going to publish an Alexandra Forever novella that I had written. While in the process of ramping up they went out of business. It happens. I became wrapped up in doing other projects and set aside the novella, it remained in the back of my mind.

Recently, things had slowed down enough where the novella could move up in the cue and I could attend to trying to market it again. Though I do self-publish, and that will very likely continue, I wanted to compare the experience.

The novella, in terms of timeline, falls between the novel, “Pairs”, where Alexandra is first introduced, and the graphic novel, “Alexandra Forever: 2337”. Because of this, I thought it would be interesting for the book itself to straddle the two mediums. I wanted to place some full-page art panels amongst the prose.

Thinking I had plenty of time, I queried publishers (once again) before securing an artist. I thought wrong. Great news on the publisher’s interest. Awkward that I had to ask if they’d be willing to slow down while I looked for an artist. Fortunately, they were amicable.


On Sunday I met with an artist who is keen on the project. I was happy to see the interest. I’ve commissioned a couple of pieces based on the novella from her, one being Alexandra, to see what she can come up with over the next couple of weeks. My fingers are crossed.  

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