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So, finally, I went and read your first volume (thank you for telling me about downloading it:) and I really enjoyed it as this sort of, space drifter out in the space boonies-but-not-really set-up that is the setting. One of my favorite things about a new series is watching how the creator handles the world building, and you went and hit the nail on the head with one of my favorite space-based setups.

Blue-Collar space! Space pioneers! Space pony express (sort of). It's all so adventure and I really dug that! It gives you the same sense of vast potential of adventure not unlike Indiana Jones (if Indiana Jones was Ellen Ripley). I like the juxtaposition between the human space settlers and Greek women, or whatever they were that were in contact with Alexandra (I forget at the moment). It shows what you can do with different societies and how they evolve after such a long time.

I honestly have very few gripes overall: Some of the panels were a little off in terms of action, making me have to go over them a few times before I got what had happened, and a few times the faces seem a little janky, but that's it really. I'm jazzed to see volume two and I'm very flattered that you would actualy want to hear my opinion on your work! I really want to see the rest of Alexandra's story, so keep at it yo! Nice work!

SaraB [via Google+]

Thanks, SaraB!
Steve is always working hard to get better as an artist and promises book 2 will be at least 42% less "janky". And we're always interested in people's opinions of the book! (Especially the positive ones like yours. We have sensitive egos don'tcha know.) So hang on to your space-hats, book two is almost done!


The art is really high quality, and very clear. Facial expressions, action sequences, space tech, backgrounds, you've got it all going on no worries.

I like the way the story feeds info to the reader. Cool and striking opening on the first two pages. Then we're set up with a situation with a few holes in our understanding of it (Alexandra and the postal workers, Terra) and then get the flashback filling those holes in later on. Cool characters, cool setup, and a nice spin on the reluctant hero that makes it feel fresh and new.

I did stumble a bit reading page 3, with the stack of panels on the left and the big shot of Alexandra on the right. That's always a difficult layout to pull off because the reader doesn't know whether to go left or down from the first panel. I know its kind of cheesy, but it might be worth adding little arrows between the panels on that page.

Let us know when #2's it. I loved this one.

Mike_Cooper [via the Millarworld Forum]

Mike, I've fixed reading flow problem on page 3 by moving the balloons to the bottom of the far right panel! It's now online in the webcomic. Thanks!
I really, really like this. If I saw it in the comics shop I'd definitely pick it up. Good work, man!

Johnny_Cannon [via the Millarworld Forum]
Wait untill you see book 2! Its going to be even better!


...I'm reading your comics, and it's fantastic!

 Akira Cross @YoshiCross1 [via Twitter]

Thank you! Fantastic is what we aim for.


Just read your online webcomic and I have to say that it was a ride! The setting was great to introduce the character Alexandra and her descent to other problems she later faces. The art work is great and the scale of the world around is believable. Love how there are some mysteries lurking around the corner to entice the reader to keep going forward. Well done graphic novel and it deserves more recognition.

comic creator,

Daniel Sasso

Thanks, Daniel! We really appreciate the great comments. The rest of the book is currently in the proofing stage, so the whole book will be available soon and people will be able to continue to go forward in Alexandra's adventure! And hey, check out Daniel's own work, including his book, "Atom Wakes" at his site!

Outstanding! So inspirational to imagine how much work went into creating such an incredible, (But believable) fantastic, futuristic, world. A very strong female lead full of mystery, and a story so well crafted it almost feel as if you were there. Thank you D.W. Richards for your genius work. Steven Legge, as a fellow artist, my hat is off to you and I bow, making sure you know I appreciate the amount of work you put in this book. Both of you., thank you.


No, thank you, Waldemar! The whole team appreciates you taking the time not just to read the first part of the story, but to write us back about what you thought about it. We can't wait to show you the whole book!

You definitely did a good job of keeping me reading… I would classify the whole thing as nothing less than a success! I definitely look forward to seeing more comics come out!

Zachary Boissinot

 Thanks, Zachary! We like to think Alexandra is a success as well! And on that note, the address for food stamp donations will be posted at a later date!


...I loved it though, I must admit, and it was way beyond what I was expecting.... You will go far with this and I wish you luck.


Chris Barnone  (Formerly of: 'We Love Comics')

We appreciate that Chris! Going "beyond" is our motto! We hope to go far as well. (At least to the end of the block where the bakery is that has those delicious croissants.)