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"Overall, I was very happy with this book. I liked the story and that it built an intricate world, but didn’t make the mistake most sci-fi does by trying to give all the info upfront. Sure, I was confused, to begin with, but after that opening, I was eased into the world and had the explanation unfold. That was a much better way of digesting this story and ultimately made me enjoy the world and the characters. I would definitely check out more of Alexandra’s world and hope that there’s more coming from the creators."

~Comic Book Bastards

 “It’s not just the dialogue that makes this book worth reading. Behind the witty conversations there’s a vast plot unravelling, and beyond that, some serious sci-fi universe building…"

~MyM Magazine, UK


"What makes the book stand out, however, is its smart, snappy dialogue. Alexandra’s cocky bravado is countered by the self-deprecating charm of her enemies. Her behind-the-scenes team have a resigned patience with her, not helped by the fact that her boss, Terra, manifests as a five-year-old girl, deeply reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s archetypal Delirium from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics."

~Grovel, UK