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About Us

The Whole Story

The concept is simple - have a single overriding arc to a heroine’s odyssey, where each adventure is linked to all that has preceded it.

We promise to tell just one epic story no matter the medium: graphic novel, novel, animation, or whatever the form. This is a saga told the old fashion way, reboot free and fearlessly forward. I hope you’ll tag along.

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D.W. Richards



Alexandra has taken on many roles in her centuries’ long, somewhat checkered and frequently explosive, history. Here we find her working for the Post Office aboard the intra-galactic delivery cruiser CLARKE undertaking a routine delivery to an outlying young colony on the planet Nimbus.

If Marvel Comics’ Deadpool and DC Comics' Wonder Woman were to have a love child, Alexandra could just be that person.

The Alexandra Forever trademark was assigned an Application Number #1942651 by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). Trademark Application Number is a unique ID to identify the Alexandra Forever mark in CIPO.


The Creative Team:

D.W. Richards - Creator/Writer
David is a freelance writer, script-doctor and novelist. He is co-writer of the graphic novel “The Gettysburg Continuum” and the author of “The Fifth Pillar” and “Pairs”, the novel that introduces us to Alexandra. He’s been working on her saga ever since. David holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Carleton University and when not writing he wears the disguise of a mild-mannered CPA. Check him out on Facebook at David W. Richards - Author or his website.


Steven Legge - Artist
A self taught artist and filmmaker from the armpit of Nova Scotia, Steven lives with his wife and family in Ottawa, Canada. He has recently finished up the "Alexandra Forever" book, still animating the Alexandra interviews and occasionally doing video and comics work for Lit. Starting with page 5, you will see his name as colourist on Mike Baron and Steve Rude's awesome Nexus Newspaper. Steven can be found sporadically tweeting at @Coffee_Steve Here's his "official" website. (As though there would be knock-offs.)