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Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book Three: Showdown at Big Sky (epub)
Alexandra Forever

Alexandra Forever 2291 — Book Three: Showdown at Big Sky (epub)

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Where has the Invictus been? What has it brought back?

The action-packed, frequently humorous, space opera continues where it left off in book 2. The Goddess finds herself contending with a series of obstacles in the pursuit of Dr. Ezera Rising. Pirates with a powerful new dreadnaught chase Alexandra into a volatile star nursery where she’s forced to crash-land on a rogue planet. A planet where death holds dominion in the skies and where she must face off against the abominations Ezera has spawned.

All the while, a nefarious sect within the BGO fulfills part of its sinister arrangement with the doctor as she prepares to board the monstrous ghost ship; preparations which include finally advising Lisa of her role in the dark plan.

Is Dr. Rising telling the truth?

With the race to Sail Stone heating up, perhaps it’s time to give some serious thought as to whether or not the planet is in the mood to receive visitors.

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